In order to keep our website and service impartial and free from any fake or biased reviews as well as to protect the reviewed companies, we will carry out the following checks before publishing any reviews:

We will strictly evaluate each review for compliance with our guidelines, privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Should there be any doubt on the authenticity review we will ask for additional information to be provided.

Reviewed Basement Companies have the option to request an investigation for a given review.

It is mandatory that together with the submitted review, to upload documents which prove your relationship to the reviewed Company. These documents are confidential, will not be posted with the review, disclosed, published, shared or rented to any third parties or used for any other purpose then to verify the authenticity of the review. No reviews will be posted without satisfying evidence that the reviewed company has carried out the works. The proof can come in many forms, please see list (not exhaustive) of acceptable documents below:

List of acceptable documents (not exhaustive)

IMPORTANT: documents which are provided as proof of relationship with the reviewed company are strictly confidential and will not be shown in your review, will not be disclosed to any third party or used in any other way or for any other purpose then to verify the authenticity of your review.

Documents such as part of contract, invoice, instructions.

Site photos showing reviewed companies operatives on site.

Photos with companies hoarding at property which the review refers to.

HSE F10 form showing principle contractor as the reviewed company.

Any other document which you may think relevant in confirming the company which is being reviewed has carried out the works at your property.