1. Open an account. It is an easy process with limited details required and ensures that the reviews left for a company are genuine. 

Please note that registered future clients of the reviewed company might wish to message you with their queries. Your details are not revealed to other users such as your email, it is an internal messaging system. You can opt out of this should you not wish to be contacted in your account section. Read more here on account preferences and benefits.

2. Click on Write a Review menu.

3. Select city where the reviewed company is located.

4. Search for the company you wish to review.

Note: If the company you wish to review can not be found within our database, you can add this from your account menu.

5. Choose your star ratings for the pre set review tabs.

6. Upload images about the works – (not mandatory – these images will be posted together with your review once approved).

7. To certify the authenticity of your review, attach one of the documents/pictures required. Without clear evidence that the works at your address have been carried out by the reviewed company, your review will not be approved  IMPORTANT:documents uploaded into this section are confidential and will not be shown in your review or used in any other way or for any other purpose then to verify the authenticity of your review. Please see here list of acceptable documents.

8. Fill out the comments form – please make sure your review is polite and professional. See our guidelines here for writing a review.

9. Click Submit Review.


One your review is submitted and approved, the reviewed company will be notified.

We will check the authenticity of the review and post this on our website normally within 24 hours (sometimes this may take longer if your review is about a company which is not currently in our database).